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Lucas North
11 December 2012 @ 06:26 pm
To contact Lucas' mun. All comments are screened.
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Lucas North
11 December 2012 @ 04:11 pm
You know the drill.
Lucas North
29 April 2012 @ 05:41 pm
State of the pups

Sherlock Holmes aloneprotectsme

He's arrived, and virtually straight away found out magic is real. Now he's fascinated by it, and by Draco, who he's discovered is actually a worthwhile conversationalist. That's something he didn't expect. He will be exploring the village in greater detail.

Threads He needs threads with police types, maybe McClane? He's a little lost without Watson, so he's even more cantakerous than normal. He really doesn't get on well with most people, so it's hard to get him out sometimes.

Declan MacRae alright_mate

Declan adapts remarkably quickly, and makes the best of the situation he's in. He's spending time with Donna, but their relationship is going slowly as he's wary about how fast she's recovering from her wound. Working at the Sanctuary, involved with the village guard, just carving a place for himself.

Threads Canon mates, always, Donna every time, Who pups? He's hard, he's very content in his own company most of the time.

Lucas North ancient_ofdays

Everything has been turned on it's head as Martha came back to the village recently engaged to Tom. He doesn't know exactly what to do about it, as Martha hasn't moved out, Lucas is sleeping on the sofa. It's better than eight years in prison, at any rate?

Threads Donna. Definitely needs with Donna. Martha, every time. Maybe Marian, especially now she has her baby?

Lee Rosen controltheboard

I have to be careful with Lee. He's the kind of person who is too easy to get purely into the psychiatrist role, and forget about the real reason he's in the village. I need to shake things up - it started by what happened at Highland Mills in the season finale, but needs to carry on. Tate might be finding the MK-Ultra government files he has with him at some point, need to work on that with Dramady

Threads He's there for shrink purposes, but I also need to get him out and about. He can be a little bit of a player, but there aren't all that many women closer to his age in the village. He needs to find some of them.

Artie Abrams dancnwithmyself

It's hard. He needs interactions with canon mates (who is actually left in the village?) but also with friends like Angela. Needs to organise some big wheelchair races with Rory and Bran. Also needs to get to know his band members. I LOVE his interactions with Castle. Worst mentor ever.

Threads Chuck, for band mate goodness. Anyone else his own age, or who wants a slightly strange gangsta boy/man in wheelchair. Canonmates. Especially Puck.

Peter Petrelli dreamtof_flying

Blissfully happy and sad at the same time. He got married to Adam, so that's the blissfully happy. Sad because Claire and Lydia and Angela are sad and unsettled. Especially Claire. He's been spending a lot of handwaved time with her.

Threads Angel, for flying goodness? Perhaps Charles or Erik - Peter is the telepathic, flying, teleportation... you get the idea.

Nikola Tesla electricvamp

Has been good for far too long. I need to stir things up. He'll be causing a little bit of chaos in July when he blows every electrical item in the village (and will be pouting because he has to restore it). Needs a chance to be vampire Nikola, and for Helen to get annoyed with him. Must sort out something with Methos mun! Thread with Selene was fun.

Threads Methos, obviously. Canon mates. Elle, actually. He misses being able to utilise electricty the way she does.

Octavian father_octavian

He'll be going home after the kid plot, so if anyone wants threads with him before then, let me know.

Daniel Jackson hasallergies

Things are going pretty well for him, with his sort of relationship with Kate. Things will be shaken up during the kid plot as I bring in a kid he had with Sha're into the village. Otherwise, he's just there, being himself. He's another one who is confident in his own company.

Threads Jack, River, Kate always. Maybe some of the other Sanctuary crew?

Martha Rodgers hasgoodgraydar

My newest pup, and needs to get out more. She's still not quite sure she believes in anything like magic, people from the future, but she's dealing with it all. She's going to get an acting school in the village, so god help everyone.

Threads Cast mates! She needs threads with her son, with Kate, and always with Alexis (they could cause chaos... well Martha cause chaos, Alexis be there to pick up the pieces). Sam Axe, perhaps?

Leonard Hofstadter hastointerpret

He's happy. He's working in the comic book store, he's in his comfort zone with his living accommodation, though with Matt going it's just him and Sheldon again, and he's in a relationship with Hermione. And he's being a gentleman, unusually. He doesn't want to screw this up.

Threads Hermione, Sheldon. Anyone for the hilarity of him geeking out. Firefly pups, BSG pups, comic book pups... you name it.

Hoban 'Wash' Washburne likeswifesoup

He's happy. He's alive here, he has his wife, he has his daughter, the only thing missing is his ship. He's aware that at some day Zoe will leave him, and he will be left with nothing, but he's not thinking of it. Instead he's just taking advantage of every single moment with his family.

Threads Canon mates, always. Anyone who wants a good natured pilot with a kids sense of humour.

Derrial Book mitefuzzyoncaps

He's alive. He's clinging to that. I do want his past to eventually come out, because of the conflict it will cause, especially with Mal and Zoe. I think that will start when the electrical power goes out, and his left eye won't work anymore.

Threads Anyone who needs a gentle (lol ) preacher. I want him to meet Morgana, and get involved with the botanical gardens more. Crew mates.

Rupert Giles onetruewatcher

Another one going home, so if anyone wants a thread, let me know.

Ten smith_drsmith

Bored. Therefore bubbly. Has just met Elizabeth, which was all kinds of awkward. He's lively. Things will be turned on their head when Jenny arrives, though.

Threads Who pups. Oh god, he's talkative, he'll talk to anyone. Not helpful, I know.

Carlos Ramirez wardenramirez

New in the village. Will be inheriting the magic school. He's staring at me in disgust. Him, a principal? Needs to find out Molly slept with Gambit, because he's going to feel a little weird about that. Especially as he's STILL A VIRGIN. Ahem.

Threads The dinosaur... I mean, Harry. Molly. Magic school students/teachers.
Lucas North
13 March 2010 @ 04:05 pm
Title: One Thought Fills Immensity.
Author: ancient_ofdays
Theme: Ostinato
Fandom: Spooks
Word Count: 1296
Warnings: Spoilers through to end of Ep 1, S8
Disclaimer: Spooks, and the character of Lucas North are owned by the BBC and by Kudos. No copyright infringement intended, and no profit is being made.
Summary/Comments: A conversation that needed to be had.
Link to table: here

Day turned into nightCollapse )
Lucas North
13 March 2010 @ 10:31 am
Lucas gains two new verses for prompts this week. The first is betrayal. This will be set post S7, looking at what Season 8 failed to address - the aftermath of Tiresius and Sugarhorse, and how deep they both go.

The second verse is set pre-Russia, pulling together some of the hints we were given in S7 about what Lucas worked on, leading up to the trip to Russia where he was captured. This 'verse's tag will be 'gang-land'.

Other than that, he's still a chatty muse! Between here and my personal journal there will be more fic going up for him. A lot more!
Lucas North
25 February 2010 @ 11:25 am
"The problem, of course, was that people did not seem to understand the difference between right and wrong. They needed to be reminded about this, because if you left it to them to work it out themselves, they would never bother. They would just find what was best for them, and then they would call that the right thing. That's how most people thought."
--Alexander McCall Smith, The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency

A fine line indeedCollapse )

Lucas North
Word Count: 316
Warning: Spoilers through to the end of S8 of Spooks
Lucas North
25 February 2010 @ 09:08 am
Image Prompt: Trapped

The Grid felt too small to Lucas. He paced restlessly, travelling between his station and places like the paper records room, the canteen, anywhere he could. When the call came in to meet an asset, he jumped at the chance to get outside, even if it did mean travelling with Ros. All during the car journey he was restless, fidgeting, bouncing his legs, and generally being annoying.

"Will you stop that?" Ros snapped eventually. "Frankly, it's annoying."

Cut for Season 8 spoilersCollapse )

Lucas North
Word Count: 686
Lucas North
10 February 2010 @ 04:51 pm
"OMG I LOVE YOUR _____": A RP Meme D'Amour : My Thread
Lucas North
Lucas trailed his fingers delicately over the spines of the books, neatly stacked on shelves in his flat. He idly noted that he probably had too many of them, but ever since he’d come home, he hadn’t wanted to get rid of anything that was a tangible link to better days, before Russia. He probably should have, used the opportunity to make a completely fresh start, but he liked the books. Just as he happened to like the tattoos, no matter the link to the past.

He smiled as he pulled out a well worn book, placing it on a table before heading to the kitchen to make himself a cup of tea. He was trying to not drink coffee at home – he drunk enough of it on a day to day basis, without being over caffeinated at night. He placed the mug carefully down on the table – on a coaster, placed very precisely, and sat down and opened the book – a copy of the Bible, given to him at his confirmation by his father. He was oddly pleased that MI5, or Elizabeta – he wasn’t sure who, and ultimately didn’t care – hadn’t gotten rid of any of his things, even though the temptation must have been high, given the evidence to suggest that he was dead all that time. They’d simply packed everything and put it into storage.

He carefully flicked through the pages, remembering some of the stories his father had brought to life while telling them. Noah’s ark. Daniel and the lion. David and Goliath. His father had the knack of reaching out to children, making them seem more accessible than anything they had been taught at school. The sign of a good minister, he’d heard teachers say.

After a few minutes, Lucas moved slightly reaching into his pocket, pulling out his mobile, and dialling a number from memory, stopping himself just before pressing ‘dial’. His parents had had trouble dealing not only with the fact he worked for security services, but the fact that he spent eight years in prison, when they thought he was dead. They had taken it as some form of betrayal, that lying to them. Both sides were trying to be honest with each other, to heal the breach, but things were difficult between them.

He tapped his phone against his forehead for a moment, carefully putting it down on the coffee table and picking up his drink. He’d ring tomorrow. Today, he could read the stories, and remember how his father used to tell them.

Lucas North
Word Count: 423