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ancient_ofdays's Journal

Lucas North
22 August 1971
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Name: Lucas North
Height: 6'2"
Build: Thin, almost malnurished
Manner of dress: Varies from smart (work) to casual (out of work)
Job: Senior Case Officer, D-section (counter terrorism), MI-5 (joined in 1992 according to BBC website).
Personality: Cold, sometimes harsh. Is not afraid to back away from the whole truth, and will do anything in pursuit of a goal - most of the time it's for the good of the nation, however, sometimes he focuses on personal goals.
Distinguishing features: Large number of tattoos:

Photobucket Photobucket

Both videos contain disturbing scenes, and spoilers for season 7.


Most of Lucas' prompts follow canon, but there will be some deviation. He is part of the role play at hearts_andminds and some prompts will come out of thoughts from there. He is also involved in an AU cross over with Buffyverse, written with trueslayer. He's also available for AU verses.

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